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An exclusive experience, VIP Client Portal features an invitation-only, personalized dashboard for website and SEO clients of W Graphics and Designs, LLC (WGAD)! Remember, your username and password sync across both of our websites. If you change your password here, it will also change at (our Main Website).

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With VIP Client Portal, you’ll know exactly what stage your project is in and get real-time updates!

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Your portal is just that – yours, and it’s available to you 100% of the time, day and night!  


What's in your Portal?

Once logged into your VIP Client Portal, you’ll get an at-a-glance view of your entire project and see what’s been completed, what’s currently being worked on, and what’s coming in the future. 

Past & Current Projects

Our portal platform is reserved exclusively for larger and ongoing service projects, such as web development, design, and maintenance, and contractual SEO arrangements. If you have multiple eligible projects with us, then you’ll have access to each portal when logged in. 

Detailed Modules

Your portal is organized into project phases, e.g. Discovery, Development… Each phase contains one or more modules that describe exactly what is happening at that stage, providing insight and quick access for downloading/ uploading files, reviewing content, and more! 

Expedited Support

When a module is completed, you’ll be the first to know! You’ll receive an instant email notification so you never miss a beat! Even better, any message you send us from the portal is tagged as “urgent”, so you’ll benefit from expedited turnaround response times!

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Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our VIP Client Portal or would like to leave a comment. You can also request new Portal features!

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Need Help Logging in?

Are you attempting to log into your Portal for the first time? Remember to use the same credentials that you use to sign in on our Main Website ( You may be prompted to reset your password when you first attempt to log in at

If you’d like to reset your password here, hit the “Access My Portal” button to log in and then hit “Forgot password”/”Lost your password?” to follow the reset prompts. Once your password is reset, it will sync across both websites, and your username and email address will remain the same.

Thank you for being a Member of Team WGAD

It is our hope that you benefit as much as possible from your private-access VIP Client Portal, and that in it you find the answers to many or all of the questions you may have for us regarding your project, from start to finish and beyond. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction, and we consider it an honor to have you on board #TeamWGAD and help you give your ideas the life they deserve